My hands-on Decluttering and Organizing work takes place primarily in the Greater Seattle, Bellevue and the South Snohomish County area.  (Includes Edmonds/Lynnwood/Everett/Bothell)


Home/Home Office
Uncover your desk. Clear out filing cabinets, and refresh your organizational systems. Enjoy more space, ease, room for new ideas, and you can find what you need when you need it.

Specific Area or Room Declutter
Refresh an area or room in your house. Enjoy the pleasure of a decluttered, livable, functional and useable space. Kitchen, garage, attic, craft room, closet or living room - you name it.

Let’s go through each room in your home and make it a room you love. Celebrate and throw a party when you are done.

Get help deciding what gets tossed and what gets boxed. Don’t take it with you if you don’t love it.

Paying storage fees for things you rarely use?  Declutter, save $$.

Help with assessing what is most important in your home. Simplify for your new lifestyle. Live with what you love the most…Let the rest go.

Together we do an assessment and create you-directed goals and timelines. Then we begin. I do hands-on assistance and email support to help you meet your goal. Declutter, save money and free up your life energy for Living the Life you Love. My coaching approach puts you in the driver's seat. With hands on assistance, I am your professional coach, consultant, and personalized support system.


"How did I get here?"
There are lots of possibilities.


Stuff gathers. Stuff can cause frustration and hopelessness and overwhelm. Stuff can challenge our relationships with others and with ourselves. Here are some examples of what causes a backlog:

You don’t want to do it alone.  Plain and simple.  I get it.  And two minds are better than one, and it is more FUN. 

Simple Information gap - You simply you don’t know how long to keep certain papers, or how to organize them efficiently. – OR things don’t get handled or removed because you lack information on how to deal with them.  Old Mattress?  Electronics? Old TV?  Personal papers and documents? Family history, memorabilia?  Household goods, clothing... old bicycles? 

Procrastination – You know what to do, you just don’t get to it for some reason…

Things don’t have homes – If it doesn’t have a home, it sits out, it gets lost, misplaced...

Habit gap – you simply need a refresh or review on daily/weekly/monthly habits to get things in order.

Help gap – you need a person with a truck!  Or simply someone to do the lifting, or the task you can’t or don’t want to do alone.

Extended Illness of self or family member – mail and regular daily tasks can gather up and overflow

Loss - It can be someone who was living in your home or another location. Now things are yours to deal with as well as all the feelings involved.

Moving OUT – Don’t move things to your new home you won’t need, want or use. 

Moving IN –  Unpacking tasks daunting?   Or you may have moved things that now don’t fit your new space.  Or just need help organizing in a new location!Move out - Kids move out, family members move out. Renters move out.  Items are often left behind for you to deal with. 

People have just left stuff in your care. It happens. Now what?

You are creative and you love it all.  But you are drowning in it.

Your collection or passion is getting out of control. It happens. Now what?

You live with a messy person.   I only work with people who WANT to make changes in their lives, but I can provide ideas to the people who live with others with different style of dealing (or not dealing) with their stuff. Marshall B Rosenberg, PhD who wrote the book “Nonviolent Communication” says people are usually either “Messies” or “Neats”.  And that they usually marry each other. 

I can help you with all of the above.  My goal is to help you connect with the help or services you need. The information you need.  To provide hands on assistance.  To help you feel organized and decluttered in a way that works uniquely for you. I also focus on responsible recycling, donation and re-homing. I can help you restore calm, order, peace and clarity in your home and life. 


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