Declutter Coaching

* And thanks very much for all your wonderful help yesterday! I think we made a great dent in all my paperwork muddle and you gave me some great strategies to continue on with the rest of it. You greatly inspire me to continue on this journey of getting more organized and I so appreciate your help and teaching me better skills to get the job done! ~ RG Homeowner 2017

* Doing a lot of cleaning and organizing around here – marathon not a sprint – and I give you so much credit for shifting energy to allow that to happen! ~ Michelle Noble, The Calmer Mom Coach 2017

* Penni and I have worked together over several years. She is both a colleague and a capable professional resource. Her services are a powerful combination of coaching and decluttering. During this last year she helped me cut my file volume in half and let go and find good homes for numerous things I have purchased or been given that we no longer need. I confidently recommend her to anyone who wants to gain clarity, SPACE (mentally and physically) and fresh energy for any project and LIFE. The final reason to hire her is that working with her is a pleasure. While she keeps me focused on the task at hand, we also have fun.  ~SJ, Business Owner

* Penni’s approach worked for me one way and for my husband another way.  She generated for both of us the results we wanted in a fashion that worked for each of us individually.” ~Homeowner

* Thank you for asking the prompting questions that you do and for being a safe person to partner with on this journey. I'm ever so grateful for your integrity and thoughtfulness.” ~Homeowner

* Hey, THANKS so much for that session last week! I came out of it ENERGIZED! I find that my clutter drains me—but having it cleared ENERGIZES me.   So…….you could start marketing yourself as the Caffeine-Free Energy Drink—and the Energy lasts longer than a few hours. You rock!     ~ Linda Whittlesey CRS ABR E-Pro, RE/MAX Northwest Realtors

* It is Thanksgiving today.  One of the things I am grateful for is peace in our house that is a direct result of Penni's Declutter Coaching. Prior to her coaching, many rooms were not nice places to be. The papers/books/stuff in the rooms called out: "address me". Reading, working, being in such spaces drained me. Now the rooms are calm pleasant places to be.  What we want is there and can be easily located.  So nice, though I do waste some time admiring the rooms now, I am so much more productive in our now decluttered house than I was in the cluttered house. Before and after Penni, what a transformation!  ~Homeowner

* I feel listened to and I trust Penni’s questions and feedback. I love that Penni pushes up her sleeves and jumps in with concrete help. Thank you.  ~Homeowner

* Working with Penni Marvel always brings double dividends: decluttering and organization happens and my thinking is clearer. After working with Penni, I am refreshed and ready to go on any task at hand. I also have greater confidence that I will be able to find what I need when I need it! Recently a secondary benefit is showing up: I am renewing my thinking and way of being through living more lightly. She is a miracle worker! I consider my work with her a great investment that pays significant dividends. ~ SJ, Business Owner

* It was such a productive day! You are so good at this! This is a very interesting journey you are leading me through. I had no idea it would include so many deep feelings and insights, plus both relief and panic. I’m so glad I’m starting this early and giving myself the time to process. Thank you so much for being by my side.  ~ MT, retired/downsizing

* Larry and I have been walking around and peeking into both the spare room and the office and we just can't quite believe the transformation. I was so enmeshed in it, it didn't really hit me until after you were gone. And, no - I could not have done this myself. It never would have happened. It's just not me. Thank you! (And then some.) ~Susan Senft, Artistic Director, Pacifica Children's Chorus, Seattle

* Penni is fun to work with. We accomplished a whole lot!  She made a task that might have been overwhelming into small do-able pieces. Penni asks for a goal for the day.  She makes a proposal as to how we will approach that goal.  Then we chip away at the chaos.  While I am busy sorting Penni is disposing of the things I have released and preparing for the next step.  If I get stuck Penni helps by asking relevant questions about the purpose or future of those items. Penni also helped me develop a system for reviewing important paper items each month so they don’t get lost or build up. When she leaves, the work area we worked in feels lighter and more pleasant.  ~Elizabeth Crary, Guidance Strategies

* Penni’s approach worked for me one way and for my husband another way.  She generated for both of us the results we wanted in a fashion that worked for each of us individually. ~Homeowner


* Penni Marvel, a certified personal coach, gave me the gift of seeing within me what I was unable to see for myself. Now and then our sessions evolved in unexpected directions. She helped me see, ask, try and believe. She has an accepting, compassionate and wide view that includes the best of possibilities. Make no mistake, Penni’s pointed questions require a willingness to work hard, to dig deeply, to push beyond your labels and limited image to make real your potential. I unreservedly recommend Penni Marvel to show you the way in finding your own path. ~Candy Russell Baier, Organizing by Design

* You, Penni, are a woman of many talents and what you do is only a small part of your magic. Who you are, how you think and interact with people is the real gift. My friend; YOU EMPOWER!  ~SJ, Business Owner

 * Penni Marvel receives my highest recommendation as a life coach. I was going through a divorce.  Her questions were incisive and she helped me discover what I really wanted in my life. During each meeting we would make a list of tasks to be completed, and review tasks already completed. This process as well as others helped me maintain my long term vision during a difficult period.  ~GM

* You’ve been such a help to me. I’m feeling more focused and productive all the time. I so appreciate you and would refer others to you. You made it relatively painless and boosted my confidence along the way. You are a gem! ~Chris Poole, Creative Companionship, LLC